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I am eternally grateful to Derval. She has a unique way of connecting to clients with a holistic and very humane approach. Her sensitivity and professionalism is what drew me to her practice, and continues to draw me back to occasional consultations when needed.

Thank you Derval for everything you did and keep doing.



Because I felt lost in my professional life, I came in contact with Derval. By asking me the right questions, I talked about work experiences I completely forgot about, said things that at first made no sense at all but I slowly understood myself better and better again and by going through this process I started to do research on all the outcomes of these thought processes and talks we were having together in order to find a satisfying answer.

Don’t get me wrong, it was not an easy process, I have had moments whereby I thought I am not going to go through with it because it was at times scary. To actually make decisions that might change my life, to find out that maybe whatever I was doing was actually not the right job for me. Why not just be happy with what you have and leave everything as it is....... And at those times Derval knew how to handle me, to take things at a slower pace, exploring other thoughts first to finally come to an outcome that deep down I maybe knew all along, I had to find another job. I really needed to go through these sessions to realize that it was not as bad as it seemed, I wasn’t in the wrong job, I was not a failure, I was just in the wrong company where I didn’t feel appreciated or challenged anymore. Thank you Derval.

Jane B


The individual coaching sessions I had with Derval were excellent. I loved her positive energy, genuine enthusiasm for life, and the way she gently pushed me to search for the answers I still hadn't found. Her very practical let's-get-on-with-it approach was just what I needed when I found myself at a crossroad in my life. Thinking out of the box and encouraging me to see that there isn't just one way to find happiness both with yourself nor your career. Moreover, that you can include happiness in your life from today. You needn't wait till tomorrow. Derval helped me to take the decision to move country, go back to university and follow my dreams. I feel more alive than I did in years. I have and would highly recommend Derval to anyone who feels stuck in their choice of career.



I recently participated in some coaching and followed the Core Living workshop that Derval runs. It provided me with several new techniques to help reduce stress. The techniques were quick and easy to apply and since the workshop I have been able to use them in different situations with very good results. We worked also on the aspect of self-confidence which I found very useful. It was a really good day for me to take some time out and discuss what it is that I would like to change in my life and then put into place some objectives for making the changes happen. I left the workshop feeling very positive, with a renewed sense of energy and direction, ready to kick-start the changes I want to make. Thank you Derval!  



Working with Derval was a fun and insightful experience. I had just one session of life coaching, a very impactive session I must say. Derval provided a safe, comfortable and supportive environment for me to explore myself, ask probing questions and set goals. Her follow-up care was second to none, as soon as I started feeling uncertain, there was a text or an email of encouragement which helped to keep up my motivation. I feel I am now on the right path and not scared to explore. I am inspired to keep pushing my life forward in the direction that I have always desired. Thank you Derval!

Yetunde Adelano


I was feeling very restless and struggling with determining my future path. During the sessions with Derval, she asked me many, many questions which enabled me to go the core of my feelings. She helped me concluding, that all my questions were based on a deeper sentiment which needed to be fulfilled and not so much on the practical answers on my life questions. Since then I've found peace in me again, knowing that no matter what job I'm doing or in which country I am, I'll need to keep on challenging myself in life and make sure that my real emotions and sentiments are fulfilled. Based on that, I can make the decisions I need to make on all practical questions I have. Thanks Derval!

Marie Jane


Derval provided me with tools to help me identify the drivers in my life, which during our ensuing discussions helped me to focus on the issues that really mattered during a time of crises in several areas. She is a good listener and asks pertinent but un-intrusive questions that helped me to see my issues from an outsider’s point of view. The conclusions drawn by following Derval's process helped me decide on the courses of action I wanted to take and reinforced my willpower to follow them through the inevitable low points, before reaping the benefits several months later. As my own ideas became clearer and as outside circumstances evolved, we were also able to accommodate change in the process. Before closing our coaching sessions, Derval also helped me to check that I was taking the course of action that I thought was best.

In addition to learning and applying an incisive process, I felt supported by a warm personality and a friendly and caring approach. Derval has contacted me twice since the end of the coaching to check on my progress and wellbeing.

It was a pleasure working with her and the on going turnaround in my fortunes is, as I wrote, related to the focus and strength I found then.

Christopher Smith


I recently had the pleasure of taking part in a Core Living Workshop and found it both extremely helpful and thought provoking. The surroundings were welcoming and Derval Chambers is an insightful and sensitive coach. Overall, I would highly recommend these workshops to anyone, particularly those looking for help in identifying their priorities and hoping to achieve clarity in their private and professional lives. 

Jennifer, Paris


Living in Paris for 20 yrs, I found it useful for me to do the 1 day core living workshop with Derval. It was an opportunity to stop, sit back and take a look at my life and see where I was going and what was important for me to deal with in the future. I felt very at ease talking to Derval, the environment was comfortable and relaxing and allowed for deep thought and reflection.  It certainly inspires you to do some homework on yourself and deal with the many questions we all have about our career, relationships & living environment. I am happy to say, that I have managed to meditate almost every day since her workshop....!

Ashling Cahill


Life coaching with Derval proved to be a decisive period in my life. It enabled me to ask myself the right questions and look at my situation in a new, clear and constructive way. Through pertinent questions, demonstrations and exercises, Derval leads you to think outside your box and provides you with the mental tools to get on top of your personal situation/problem. Thanks to Derval's insight and professionalism, I was able to make key life-changing decisions



I am writing this in great thanks for our coaching sessions.  At the time we met I had been feeling stalled in my life professionally and personally for years.  You got me out of my rut by showing me a different perspective and how to recognize my own objectives.  Armed with those things, I have been refocusing my energy towards things that work and not batting my head against changing things that dont.

During our sessions you asked thought, provoking and barrier, removing questions that helped me to recognize where I was closing doors to opportunities.  It made me feel like I had gone from a one-lane, one-option road to a round-about.  Also the envisioning technique worked great.  I let go of some past ideas I was holding on to, and concretely saw my own objectives.  So crucial to moving forward.

Thank you again for helping me start the changes in my life to get where I want to be.  My best personal regards,

Kelsey B